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living in reality

it’s always the same, we are accused of simply not living in reality by holding so tightly to our ideals and our values people think we are just stubborn, even selfish that we will not “settle for less”

when in fact we are doing so because we see the consequences of where the road “in reality” leads. and that can be to a worse place. for everyone.

but yet it is hard to tell someone face to face, and in the now, yes, sometimes it is worth the risk of dying to preserve principle – like freedom.

yes, sometimes there are values more important than our own fear of death.

What Libertarians Want

Here’s an interesting thought exercise… 

What is the responsibility of government?

Is it to… 1) Uphold freedom for individuals

Is it to… 2) Uphold the welfare of the community

Interestingly, Democrats and Republicans alike believe it’s BOTH.

Democrats want #1 when it comes to sociocultural issues, but they want #2 when it comes to economic issues.

Republicans want #1 when it comes to economic issues, but they want #2 when it comes to sociocultural issues.

So what then about a Libertarian? (this is my favorite part)

Libertarians want #1 in both sociocultural issues AND economic issues. They don’t see #2 as a government responsibility but a spontaneous phenomena within people that flows naturally from appropriately applying #1. They also believe that you can’t truly have #2 without maximizing #1 across the board.

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